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NEXT MEETING - October 1, 2014 - Member photo show and critique. Bring in your photos on flash drive or in print. Please bring in suggestions for future meetings so that we can fill out the calendar.

Previous Meeting - We had a demonstration on how to recover photos from an SD card. The card was used in one camera. Photos were erased using a computer. The card was then formatted in another camera. Photo Recovery Genius was used to scan the card. In a few minutes the program was able to find over a hundred photos and recover them. We also showed the model photo shoot images.

Please bring images to the meeting that you would like to have included in the new version of the slideshow that will replace the one that is being displayed above.

Photo Gallery Space is still available for club members. Please send an email request to Stan  if you want space. We will create an id and an album for you to administer yourself.

The Jerry Ghionis How-To-Wow tour is coming to NYC on September 28. Click here - Tour link - for more info


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